Delphi & Meteora Tour        3 days from Athens


Updated  June 2022

I really enjoyed this tour, if I had had the possibility, I would have added 1 or 2 days, but I had booked the next days to go to Naxos in the Cyclades, so it was impossible for me to extend the tour.

1st step How to get there?

Several choices are possible: Local buses - Train - Organized group travel - Private tour - Car rental - 

This is how I evaluated the various possibilities to visit Delphi and Meteora in the 3 days that I could spend there according to my planning.

The best plans to visit Delphi and Meteora in 3 days

Ktel station Liosion
Ktel station Liosion

KTEL bus trips

I looked at several combinations, but the result for a short time was absolutely not convincing with the service, however powerful, of the local buses of Ktel.

In order to go on the day to Delphi (15,10€ approximately per way), it is necessary to take the bus of 8:30 am (except Sunday), and we arrive around 11/12 am. The final return to Athens is at 6 pm.

In high season, there is a line from Delphi to Meteora via Lamia, departing from Delphi/Kalambaka at 6:30 am (it costs about 25,40€).

To Meteora (about 29€ per trip), the itinerary is in two stages, the first one Athens/Trikala departure at 7am, arrival at 11:30am.

On the second stage, you have to catch a local bus, Trikala/Kalambaka, and then find the way to reach the monasteries of Meteora.

Both lines (to Delphi or to Trikala) start at the Liosion KTEL terminal in Athens.

Travel by train with OSE

I looked at several options to go by train to Kalambaka nearby Meteora, the train starts from Athens station at 7:57 am and arrives at 12:03 pm (30€).

If you have no luggage, hopefully, you will be able to take the shuttle to the monastery of the Great Meteor, the time it takes to go up there and to visit it will be at the closing time but it will be almost impossible to see any other.

If you have luggage to drop off, you will have to wait until the next morning for the visit, the monasteries open at 9am and close at 4pm at the latest.

In other words, you have to stay at least 1 night, if not 2, if you want to visit them all. The last train back to Athens is at 6:22 pm, arrival at 10:26 pm.

From Athens to Delphi the train leave at 7:57 am and arrive at 10 am in Amfikleia. Go to the Ktel station and then take a bus to Delphi, but after that, I don't tell you how difficult it is to reach the sites.

Organized group trip

I checked from Athens, there are three companies that propose this itinerary.

Depending on the agency, the price is variable. For one agency, the price is 346€ per adult and 173€ for children up to 12 years old, too bad as my kids are 13 and 15 years old. For the other one is 406€ for a single person or 350€ from 2 participants and half price for children. 

The third company shows 405€ per adult and a 30% discount for children. The 3 companies include in their tariffs 2 breakfasts and 2 meals, but not drinks.

The program is identical, departure around 8/8:30 am, arrival in Delphi, site visit and the museum, A.M. Libre as well as the next morning. Road to meteors in mid-day free time arriving at the hotel. Last day, visit of the monasteries (without precision), photo stop at the Monument de Léonidas on return to Athens

Tour with a car rental

In order to estimate the cost of renting a car during my trips around the world, I have saved the Auto-Europe comparator in my notebook.

If I opted for the car, I first did a search with a few extra days for a tour in the Peloponnese and divided the cost over the number of days (7 in total).

I selected a Peugeot 2008 model that is comfortable for travelling with my kids and the suitcases.

I found a great deal, 65€ per day, that is 195€ for the 3 days, with two conductors and a franchise of 950€ on Master or Visa credit card, with CDW insurance, A/C and unlimited kilometers.

For the entire 770km distance, you need to count about 210€ for fuel and 30€ for tolls, an estimation of 435€.

Rental prices were updated in June 2022. 

Hotels research on the tour

There are many hotel booking engines on the net, but I prefer Agoda, whose layout inspires me more than its partner Booking of the same group.

Agoda's site also offers some advantages not found on other websites: PayPal payment (no need to charge your credit card), 7€ discount for 2 accumulated reservations, 5% off hotel offers and other discounts...

I had several choices for the accommodation in Delphi including breakfast, ranging from a 2* hotel at 60€ for a quadruple room, a 3* hotel at 145€ for connected rooms and a 4* hotel in a quadruple room at 100€.

All three types of accommodation are situated in the Delphi village at 500m distance of the site. For Meteors with double rooms the 2* hotel at 50€, the 3* hotel at 65€ and the 4* hotel at 110€.

For the 3* hotel = €145 + €130 the estimated total is €275.

Entrance tickets to the sites

In the case of a tour made by ourselves, we need to know the cost of the entrance fees and how to get the tickets for the different sites on our tour.

My first reflex is to search on Get Your Guide to find out what's offered there, or on Viator, there is nothing available except the offers starting in Athens.

So I surfed on the web looking for more information and I found one for Delphi with all information needed, the entrance fees are 12€ per person and it is free for the kids.

Concerning the Meteors, nothing online through Viator or Get Your Guide, only tours departing from Athens or monasteries schedules on the Kalambaka city website.

With patience, I found out the cost by calling an agent in the area and I was informed that the rate is about 6€ per guest...

The final choise for our family

After a long reflexion, we looked for the option to have a private tour in English via platforms and we have found several services on Viator but the price indicated per person does not include the accommodation for the 621€ offer. The offer at 1.200€, although it includes the accommodation with breakfast, as well as 2 meals, it doesn't include the guidance on the sites nor the entrance tickets. Neither of these 2 offers is complete, so it is preferable for us to completely assume the tour that will cost for all about 1.200€, with the car rental, road expenses, hotels, meals and drinks, as well as the entrance fees of the sites to visit.

Find out more about our visit on the link here above