Who are-we ?

I first travelled in the 80's, at that time the word internet was new in the dictionary and there were no social media on the horizon to share my travel experiences.

In the beginning of the Net I started to create my first pages where I used to spend hours to load some basic codes in order to publish a few lines on the media of that time.

Since young, I have always associated this passion for new technology and travelling, and the same for my interests in the photography and the techniques of image capturing.

On my blogs, I have always loved to retrace my journeys and passions in order to share them with people who have the same passion to discover the world and all its wonderful facets.

During my journeys around the world, I have met other passionate travelers like myself, who are now sharing the stories of their trips, in order to offer a different vision of the places they have visited.

Their experiences are an excellent complement to the regions that my family and I have not yet visited, and therefore allow me to illustrate more completely the pages of the Traveler's Memento.