Welcome to Baden-Wurtemberg

In search of landscapes, nature, art, culture, good cuisine or simply a change of scenery and relaxation, Baden-Württemberg meets your wishes.

Experience the warmth of southern Germany

The region offers a wide range of activities, including bike tours at Lake Konstanz, hiking in the Black Forest or the Swabian Alb, and health cures in Baden-Baden or Stuttgart. There are beautiful landscapes to see, as well as the towns and villages of the surrounding area. For oenologists and epicureans, the Baden-Württemberg region is famous for the quality of its vineyards and gastronomy.

What to discover in the area

Nature and well-being

Hiking - cycling - hot air ballooning - farm vacations or vacations at the lake vergers - spa treatments - salt cave - nautical activities in lakes

The pleasure of the teste and the palate

Pretzels - spätzle - kasspätzle - fellchen - flammkuchen - maultaschen - ofenschlupfer - rostbraten - schwarzwälder schinken - schwarzwälder kirschtorte

Local products and flavours

Beer varieties - thermal and spring water - fruits of the Konstanz lake - beef from Limpurg - sausages - feras - vineyards and wine from Baden-Württemberg

Culture and leisure

The 6 prehistoric caves in the Ach and Lone valley - Lake of Konstanz village - Monastery of Maulbronn - Abbey of Reichenau - museums or exhibitions

Castles and monasteries

There are 6 castles to discover: Wiblinghen Abbey - Weikersheim Castle - Alpirsbach Monastery - Heidelberg Castle - Maulbronn Monastery - Schussenried Monastery

As for unusual vacation

Barrel cabins on the farm - tents or tree houses - shepherd's or circus trailers - tepees or yurts - Ravensburger huts - hayloft - under the open sky in the black forest

Where to start ?   not so easy...

11 regions to discover

  • The Stuttgart region
  • The Black Forest
  • Lake Constance
  • Swabian Alb
  • Oberschwaben-Allgäu
  • Hohenlohe
  • Palatinate
  • Kraichgau-Stromberg
  • Heilbronn Country
  • Tauber Valley
  • Odenwald

12 touristic routes

  • Baden Wine Route
  • Milk and Cheese Route
  • Lime Tourist Route
  • German Watchmaking Route
  • Route of the Stauffer dynasty
  • Black Forest Ridge Route
  • Württemberg Wine Route
  • Romantic Fairy Tale Route
  • Route of the 100 Swabian Mills
  • Swabian Highlands Baroque Route
  • Route of 23 half-timbered villages
  • Route of 60 castles and fortresses

The 11 regions of Baden-Württemberg

Region of Stuttgart 

Visit the museums, take a bath in the refreshing thermal waters or enjoy a good restaurant - the area is full of life, exciting and varied, ideal for relaxation and wellness. The city is surrounded by hills, vineyards, forests and meadows and offers everyone a tonic and various program. 

Black forest region 

Due to its authenticity, the traditional customs, its healthy climate and the regional specialties, the Black Forest region attracts the curious and the gourmets for a diverse stay. Forests, rivers, gorges, waterfalls, high pastures, an unspoiled nature that will seduce adventure and hiking fanatics. 

Lake Constance region 

Pure relaxation, nicknamed the Swabian Sea, the region is appreciated for its calm and the serenity it exudes. The Lake Constance region is surrounded by a wonderful landscape and pre-Alpine mountains. It is an ideal place for swimming and many water sports as well as excellent gastronomy, such as the famous lake fish "feras".   

Oberschwaben-Allgäu region 

On the baroque route, which also runs through Upper Swabia, you will find more than 100 monasteries, churches and castles as well as wetlands. The area offers many thermal spas and wellness centers along the lakes, such as those in Uberlingen and Meersburg. They provide a large range of therapies, saunas and hot stone massages, enhanced by the beautiful view of the lake and the Alpine foothills.Black Forest region. 

Black Forest 
Lake Constance 
Swabian Alb 

Swabian Alb region 

Pure nature for walking, discovering the mill route or conquering fabulous castles, exploring the cradle of mankind, this is what the region offers you to discover. The Danube Valley, besides hiking trails, is a paradise for climbers and canoe lovers.

Kraichgau-Stromberg region 

The so-called "Land of 1000 hills" invites you to a relaxing and wellness vacation, a fascinating southern landscape with vineyards, orchards and deciduous forests, a place for walking and biking. Car fans will be in paradise, with the automobile and technology museum in Sinsheim as well as with the Formula 1 circuit in Hockenheim.

Palatinate region 

The idyllic landscapes of the Palatinate region invite to take a boat trip and enjoy the panoramic view of the Neckar River as far as the mouth of the river into the Rhine. A wide range of bicycle paths await the cyclist, along the Neckar river or on the Rhine plains, as well as the Kurpfalz day tour, a route that takes you through historic highlights and stunning views.

Hohenlohe region 

This is the ancient county of the Hohenlohe family, which has marked the region over the centuries. The Kocher and Jagst rivers have been the vital arteries for the supply and trade of the region. The valleys are full of castles, chapels and small towns, a multitude of treasures worth visiting. The Hohenlehe also offers a variety of local products which will delight the palate of the gourmet. 

Tauber Valley

Region of the Heilbronn country 

The Heilbronn region is appreciated by many local people and is a favorite place to taste great quality wine. It is the leading wine-growing region in Germany for red wine and the one with the largest area worldwide for the cultivation of Lemberger grape. Every year, the wine festival remains the most awaited event for the wine amateurs and the producers.

Tauber Valley region 

The idyllic landscape of the Tauber Valley can be best explored by walking or biking. The trout is one of the regional specialties, either fished or tasted in the inn, it is a real pleasure for the palate. Gourmets who love good meat must try the Tauber lamb, which can be served with local wine or a good beer produced by one of the 4 traditional breweries in the area.

Odenwald region 

Apart from the hiking and biking trails, the region is a great place for gourmets and food lovers... The restaurant owners are proud of their regional specialties and invite you to taste their potatoes cooked with lamb and green wheat. Unripe wheat During the hunting season, there are gastronomic trips to taste the different dishes with game and wild garlic. After the meal a glass of Schnaps, the local herb liqueur, is served to ease digestion. 

The 10 most important cities in Baden-Württemberg

City of Constance 

A romantic little marvel on the shore of the lake of Constance, facing the Swiss and Austrian Alps. Overlooking the harbor, the statue of Imperia, holding in one hand a representation of the pope and in the other the emperor (a statue commemorative of the Council of Constance from 1414 to 1418). Do not miss the frescoes in the ancient hospital, the golden eagle of Napoleon III in the Hotel Zum, the sculpted pews of the St. Stephen's church, the convention center and the two islets of Lake Reichenau and Mainau.

City of Baden Baden 

The beautiful spa town of Baden Baden, at the foot of the beautiful Black Forest landscape, has served its guests with the healing properties of the thermal waters for more than 2,000 years. However, it was in the 19th century that Baden Baden enjoyed the greatest success as a modern spa destination. Other sights include Hohenbaden Castle, the Cistercian monastery of Lichtental, the river Loos with a paved riverbed, and the funicular railway on Mount Mercury.

City of Freiburg im Breisgau 

No matter if it is for a weekend or for your next vacation, Freiburg has plenty of options to relax and balance out the impact of your busy life. The historic heart of the city is a must-see, as well as the "Bächle", the tiny streams meandering through the rocky paths, the gothic cathedral of Notre-Dame de Fribourg, offering a picturesque setting to the market. Alternatively, you could go up the castle hill or take the cable car or, for the families with kids, enjoy a full day at the Europa-park.

Baden Baden

City of Heidelberg 

A symbol of the German romanticism, Heidelberg ranks first on the list of favorite destinations. The city is full of sights, museums and fascinating exhibitions. Beyond the city, you have many options to visit the Neckar Valley, the Palatina, the Castle Road and the Geopark. For altitude lovers, you have the chance to explore the area and discover the historical past on a paragliding flight or more quietly aboard a hot-air balloon.

City of Heilbronn 

The city was first mentioned in 741 under the name "Helibrunna". Today, it is a city surrounded by nature, set in a beautiful landscape rich in woods and vineyards. In 2019, the city is creating a multi-faceted park along the Neckar in the new Neckarbogen district. A boat tour is a must, as it offers unique views. A walk through Heilbronn will take you to the old town, the astronomical clock on the market square, St. Kilian's church and the Deutschhof.

City of Karlsruhe 

On 17th June 1715 the foundation stone of the princely city had been laid, the baroque castle is the central point from which 32 fan-shaped streets start. Many tourists remain in awe of this exceptional architecture, as did Voltaire, Goethe, Napoleon and Heinrich von Kleist in their times. Walking through the large pedestrian areas of Karlsruhe, you will find a great number of neoclassical buildings, squares, fontains, parcs and the botanical garden.


City of Mannheim 

 The numerous inventions of the people of Mannheim illustrate how creative they are: the automobile, the bicycle and the tractor were all invented here, while Dario Fontanella invented spaghetti ice cream in Mannheim back in 1969. The chess town has 10 places of interest: the castle, the district of Little Istanbul, the district of the Jungbusch musicians, the river port, the multi-purpose hall, the Luisenpark, the Chinese tea pavilion, the telecom tower, the nature reserve and the Wasserturm.

City of Pforzheim 

 Due to the establishment of a watch factory by Karl I. Frederick nearly 250 years back, the city has grown into a renowned watch and jewelry metropolis. It is a starting point for walking and cycling tours in the Black Forest, and the three rivers that flow through the city give it a particular charm. The church of St. Michael with its imposing romanic massif is one of the most remarkable buildings of the city. Close to the church, you must visit the Johannes Reuchlin museum, and of course the Schmuckwelten Museum, dedicated to watchmaking and jewelry.

City of Stuttgart 

 Interesting and lovely, open to the world and fascinating, rich in tradition and future-oriented, Stuttgart has many faces that justify several journeys on their own. From automobile museums to waterfalls, from baroque palaces to the first TV tower in the world, the city attracts visitors with many fascinating curiosities. The surrounding area also provides great views, as well as 12 castles to visit, the Urach waterfall, the Hoppenlau cemetery, the Bärenschlössle and more...

City of Ulm 

 Located on the Danube, it coexists with the new town of Neu-Ulm, a fascinating combination of the traditional and the modern. On one side are the historical sights, such as the cathedral with the highest bell tower in the world, the fishermen's and tanners' quarter, the small bridges, the narrow streets and the imposing fortress with its ramparts. On the other side, Neu-Ulm has many modern architectural masterpieces, that can be admired by taking a boat trip on the river Danube. Visiting the zoo with its submarine tunnel, the Wiblingen Abbey and the city gardens will complete your tour.

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