Welcome to the Center Val de Loire region

This region is rich in historical heritage, in the past very appreciated by the kings of France, today visitors enjoy visiting the superb castles of the Loire, the specific villages and the great gastronomic specialties. This is a green destination ideal for promenades, where nature and the forest have a prominent place in the everyday life.

Which accommodation model in the Centre Val de Loire region?

The Centre Val de Loire region

It has remained identical in its structure as when it was simply called "Centre". It is an administrative area of the center-west of France which gathers 6 historical territories distributed on 6 departments. Beyond the images of the vast cereal fields of Beauce plains, it has 3 regional natural parks : Brenne, Loire Anjou Touraine and Perche, and a wide variety of natural landscapes.

Which are the 6 historic territories of the Centre Val de Loire region?

Territory of Berry

Rural and green, Berry is just as much a pleasure for nature and walking amateurs as it is for those who appreciate old stones and beautiful gardens. Berry also offers to its visitors the possibility to make numerous discoveries, from Renaissance castles, to Romanesque churches, classified villages with picturesque streets or the natural park of Bremen. Today, the historical Berry encompasses the departments of Cher and Indre.

Territory of the Perche

Peaceful and green, it is a region prized by horseback riding amateurs. Perche is also a delight for people who like nature, with its countryside landscapes favorable to resourcing, its old manors, its fortified farms and its typical villages. The Perche's modesty doesn't prevent it to hide some beautiful gems that just ask to be found. As the Chartres cathedral which is a masterpiece of Gothic art classified by UNESCO.

Territory of Sologne

Much more than a simple wood, Sologne is a destination that vibrates to the rhythm of colors and seasons, which is the essence of this land full of character. Situated between the Orleans and Berry areas, you will find a poetic land of unexpected surprises. Just 1h30 from Paris, you will discover a green and wild area, where Mother Nature is the queen! Art and heritage lovers, keep your eyes open, there are many treasures here in Sologne.

Territory of Orléans

Culture and natural spaces are the pearls of heritage that cohabit harmoniously to enhance the whole of the Orleans region. With beautiful cities of art, castles of renaissance or medieval style, parks and ponds, the region has plenty of places of exception. For those who love sweets, there are some regional specialties such as pithiviers, tarte Tatin, Sologne honey or cotignac d'Orléans.

Territory of Touraine

The Touraine is one of the must-see destinations of the Centre Val de Loire region, with a very rich heritage that can only please people who like history and architecture. Sublime castles, typical and charming villages, exceptional gardens and the lovely town of Tours, historic and French language capital by excellence. If you are looking for bucolic walks, you will find the paths of the Loire-Anjou-Touraine Regional Natural Park.

The Loire Valley Territory

It includes all the prestigious castles along the river, an undeniable hghlight of the Loire Valley. Be sure that you will find, from Chambord to Chenonceau, from Blois to Amboise, from Villandry to Azay le Rideau, the architectural gems that compete with grace and brilliance for the influence of the historical and cultural heritage. However, the quality of the Loire wines is still trying to make their way to a certain level of notoriety.

Which are the departments of Centre Val de Loire region?

Department of Cher (18)

In the middle of France, in the Centre-Val de Loire region, the Cher constitutes, with the Indre, the old historical province of Berry, a charming destination. The area is full of emblematic sites such as the Cathedral of Bourges, the George Sand Estate or the Abbey of Noirlac, among others. After visiting Bourges, a stroll to explore the surrounding area will be an enriching and relaxing experience.

Department of Indre (36)

A part of France which took the name of the river that crosses it, geologically it belongs to the southern part of the Parisian basin. Mainly made up of plains towards the Brenne park and in the Champagne berrichonne, the country of the thousand ponds, remains a wild land, a refuge for biodiversity. Earth of inspiration, George Sand was subjugated by the villages of the Indre, leading the impressionist painters to immortalize these bucolic landscapes.

Department of Loir et Cher (41)

Prized by the kings of France in the past, the department, with its rich historical heritage, attracts visitors from all over the world. Combining nature and architectural wealth, it offers the opportunity to visit the famous castle of Chambord, the city of Blois, the Sologne landscapes, the banks of the Loire River or the vineyards along the Cher river. There is so many assets making it an essential and fascinating destination for memorable vacations in the region of the Loir et Cher.

Department of Eure et Loir (28)

Composed of the former provinces of Orleans, of Maine (Perche) and of Ile-de-France, the department, due to its strategic position, has been, since antiquity, a territory at the heart of great pages in the French history. The mythical Carnutes forest, in Gallic times, hosted the annual meeting of druids from all over Gaul. Visitors will be impressed by the region's built heritage, including the cathedral of Chartre, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Department of Indre et Loire (37)

A mild climate, hilly landscapes, exceptional wildlife, thousand-year-old vineyards and the unique concentration of the most beautiful castles in France, welcome to Touraine! It is a land apart, everywhere their slender silhouettes stand out in the landscape, on less than 100km, The Garden of France is a group of the largest and most beautiful castles of the Loire Valley, and a conservatory of pure French tradition.

Department of Loiret (45)

In the Loiret department, you will find a magnificent collection of castles, museums and other natural spaces. It is also here in Loiret that you will find the biggest national park in France, and the abbey of Saint Benoît sur Loire, a marvelous testimony of roman art. Explore the Loiret by water, it's a timeless journey to fill up with emotion and authenticity. Aboard a traditional toue, the vagaries of large waterways, the fauna and flora, will no longer hold any secret for you.

The 24 most beautiful castles of the Loire Valley open to the public

Here is a list of the castles on which we were most focused, although there are at least 100 castles in the Loire Valley open to visitors, many of them all year round. We have observed that many domains may require several days of visits, in particular if they have a park or a garden.

Château d'Amboise - Indre et Loire
Château d'Amboise - Indre et Loire


It was the palace of the kings of France during the Renaissance and the burial place of Leonardo da Vinci, offering the most beautiful panoramas of the Loire Valley. Open all year - Schedules and rates 

Visit the castle


Residence of 7 kings and 10 queens of France, the royal castle of Blois has been at the heart of monarchic power. According to the era, the buildings reveal various architectural styles. Open all year - Schedules and rates

Visit the castle


This is one of the most surprising constructions of the renaissance, Chambord is a brilliant work of art that still has many secrets to reveal. Open all year - Schedules and rates

Visit the castle


A masterpiece of the Renaissance, dazzling by the sensuality of its curves and the whiteness of its facades in an architecture of feminine style and elegance. Open all year - Schedules and rates

Visit the castle


The Royal Abbey of Fontevraud recounts to us what it was supposed to be, a vision embodied by its old stones equipped with a modernity technico-environnementale. Open all year - Schedules and rates


The royal city of Loches is one of the most impressive monuments of the Loire Valley, it is a marvel of military architecture, witnessing the changes of the times. Open all year - Schedules and rates - Visit the Castel -


The castle of the Dukes of Brittany, residence of the Frence kings, has been entirely restored. This historical gem can be visited freely in the center of Nantes. Open all year - Schedules and rates

Visit the castel


The owners have transformed the old medieval fortress of Rivau into a fairy-tale castle with staging and decorations in the surrounding gardens. Open all year - Schedules and rates - Visit the castel


Surrounded by an impressive fortress, the castle is a fine 12th century military work. Behind the castle gates, you will find the largest medieval tapestry ever seen. Open all year - Schedules and rates 

Visit the castle


The castle of Brézé, the largest underground fortress in Europe, has been kept in the silence of the stones. Now revealed, it offers you one of the most unusual visits. Open all year - Schedules and rates

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Chaumont sur Loire

The Domaine de Chaumont sur Loire is a place not to be missed in the field of art. It unites 3 entities combining modern art, garden design and heritage. Open all year - Schedules and rates 

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The royal fortress is clinging to a rocky spur, and is a strategic place which for centuries has watched over the crossing of the roads to Anjou, Poitou and Touraine. Open all year - Schedules and rates 

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Fougère sur Bièvre

Different from the great castles of the Loire by its sober and powerful architecture, with limestone rubble of Beauce and tufa stone from the banks of the Cher for the molded parts. Open all year - Schedules and rates


A medieval fortress built on a rocky spur for over 1000 years. This majestic site houses a superb castle with its romantic gardens. Open all year - Schedules and rates 


As if out of a fairy tale, the castle proudly dominates the city across the river. It' a magnificent testimony of the princely residences of the Valois dynasty. 
Open all year - Schedules and rates


The Château de Valençay keeps in mind its illustrious owner, C.M. de Talleyrand, a great French diplomat, who indulged in an aristocratic way of life. Open all year - Schedules and rates

Azay le Rideau

Built in the middle of the Indre river under François I, it is a subtle alliance of French traditions and Italian decorations. A symbol of the new art of building in the 16th century. Open all year - Schedules and rates 

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On 7 floors, it is the highest castle in France called "Géant du Val de Loire". Acquired in 1502 by the Lord of Brissac, the family has kept it up ever since with force and passion. Open all year - Schedules and rates 

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A seigneurial property that has belonged to the same family for more than 600 years, with sumptuous interiors maintained with much care by the couple de Vibraye. Open all year - Schedules and rates 

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Clos Lucé

Residence of French kings, this is the last home of Leonardo da Vinci. It is practically impossible not to be seduced by this lovely property. Open all year - Schedules and rates 

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The castle, with its impressive stature from the city, reveals its charms when you pass by the courtyard. You will discover an authentic medieval decor, with a nice scenography. Open all year - Schedules and rates - Visit the Castel -


First renaissance castle in France, the only one built on the riverbed. As the most contemporary and modern of the castles, it reflects the emerging of new trends. Open all year - Schedules and rates - Visit the Castel -

Sully sur Loire

Behind its impressive military appearance, the medieval fortress reveals all the grace of the Renaissance castles projecting its reflection in the water of the moat.
Open all year - Schedules and rates


The most beautiful testimony of the Renaissance art, no visitors can remain impassive to the beauty of the sculpted french style gardens of the castle of Villandry. Open all year - Schedules and rates

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