The sacred monuments of the Acropolis of Athens


The Acropolis monuments were created to demonstrate to the world the greatness of Athens after the victory against the Persian Empire. Under the guidance of Phidias, these amazing buildings have endured over the centuries before starting to suffer successive ravages. The greatest damage was caused during the Venetian bombardment in 1687 and by Lord Edwin who brought the Parthenon marbles to England.

2nd step : The sacred rock of Acropolis

The colours transmitted to the monuments by the seasons also mark our vision of the work. Every time we go through, the restorations reveal a new piece. By now, the scaffolding has almost disappeared, giving us the chance to take pictures of the magnificent Parthenon and the impressive all-around view of the "Great White Lady".

The most interesting things to find out on the site:

The Beule Gate - The Propylaea - The temple of Athena Nike - Agrippa's tower -
- The Parthenon - The Caryatids - The Erechtheion - Athena's olive tree -

Some pictures of the Acropolis of Athens

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A stroll on the north slope of the Acropolis

3rd step : Plaka and Anafiotika 

This medieval district, nestling on the northern slope of the hill, almost disappeared due to the greedy nature of the promoters, as well as Anafiotika, where some 40 houses in pure Cycladic style have been preserved by their inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Highlights of the neighbourhoods

Anafiotika : The Cycladic charm in Athens - The lush vegetation - The narrow streets 

Plaka : The bars, tavernas and restaurants in the stepped streets, as well as the many churches and chapels

Some pictures of Plaka and Anafiotika

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